Ian Smith

<!-- web designer / developer -->

I created responsive web pages based on existing or new designs. I fixed cross-browser and device specific bugs. I worked with SASS, GRUNT, GIT and jQuery in a PHP Buildkit environment. I worked within Agile sprints following user stories in Rally.

I integrated responsive HTML/CSS in PHP pages for Claranet's new customer portal. I helped create Google maps, Javascript and High Charts. Three PHP developers created numerous modules and I would take their work and make the front-end presentable and consistent in Bootstrap 3.

I built HTML pages and create reusable CSS for the Screwfix contact centre application. I worked within Agile sprints following user stories in Rally.

I was recommended to this Microsoft partner by my old boss from Gartner. The visual designs for the company website were already designed by Uncle John design agency and Minttulip wanted someone to build their website.

After consultation with one of the Directors, I worked remotely building a one page AJAX interface. I implemented BBQ jQuery plugin for the back/forward buttons and bookmarking.

Luckily, Minttulip were good at outlining requirements - so I could motor on creating the HTML/CSS/jQuery. I provided a live URL for work in progress, which worked well for feedback and tweaks.

Dyson hired me to help launch the UK, French, Japanese and American websites in Sitecore.

I helped out with the content in Sitecore but most of my time was spent creating CSS overrides to provide visual consistency when navigating through legacy sites to the new CMS sites.

After joining in with department user testing, I used Gemini bug tracker to log and fix any browser or functionality issues.

I also worked on some basic ASP/XSLT edits and daily BAU website tasks.

I developed Axure wireframes for usability studies with internal staff for the redevelopment of a large admin section.

I often gave advice to staff and managers on front-end development, design and on-page SEO techniques.

I built the PHP files, HTML content, nested jQuery accordions and CSS for three sections of their website.

This role included the design and build of ‘Maths Big Changes’ microsite using strict coding.

Cross browser and accessibility checks were performed during build. I attended iterative meetings with the marketing manager.

I developed complex html layouts and CSS for a La Senza e-commerce redesign. I integrated and styled various jQuery carousels.

I worked remotely and was trusted to work unsupervised.

I attended daily teleconferences and updated Jira project software and project spreadsheets.

I recreated Unilever’s intranet in Sharepoint on a virtual disk. I customised HTML, CSS, master pages and themes to outline the benefits of upgrading from Sharepoint 2007 to 2010.

Working to tight deadlines, I worked 7 days a week and overnight before the presentation to Unilever stakeholders.

I worked on multiple tasks within a Sharepoint intranet involving HTML, CSS and jQuery Sharepoint plug-ins.

I streamlined the process of collating and reporting projects from around Europe via Infopath forms (600 forms in a Sharepoint forms library).

I enhanced and edited the design of internal .NET sales applications with XAML coding and Fireworks. Normally in Agile sprints.

Other work included jQuery accordions, CSS3, HTML5 storage, iPad CSS, image sprites and Fusion charts.

I designed and coded the Moodle CMS user interface for a staff training intranet. I built courses, quizzes and multi-language content. I managed the whole project and hit target deadlines.


I helped refine and change page layouts to make the e-commerce buying process more intuitive and defined. The work was carried out within tight deadlines, I worked extended hours to achieve goals.


I designed new microsites and updated existing web pages with new graphical and flash content

I provided design and coding advice to web editors and designers. I integrated web pages, forms, Flickr feeds and Javascript into Amaxus CMS. I took over work on a ‘Festival of History’ Microsite, including a Flash homepage (AS3). It also involved tweaking XSL templates, HTML and CSS.

Other highlights included, designing a Galapagos holiday competition, ‘Pure Inspiration’ writing competition, corporate information CSS improvements and ‘Days Out and Events’ web page production.


I helped with researching SEO coding techniques and gave training to staff in web design/development. I researched and wrote URL rewriting code in regular expressions. I coded PHP scripts for easy administration of meta information for 300 products (linking product information to a database).


I created HTML/Javascript rapid prototype training applications. I was involved in iterative Agile processes, workshops and capturing client requirements.

The training applications replicated intricate customer complaints journeys and followed various paths via javascript.

I redesigned and rebuilt windsor-telecom.co.uk with the help of marketing manager and an in-house designer. I advised on graphic design, web standards and photography usage.

I introduced tabbed navigation and clear definition to vast amounts of information that was too overpowering and increasing bounce rates.

I built emails, edited server side code, liaised with developers and designed PDFs for the company business strategy. I studied their Google Analytics reports to gain an insight into user behaviour.

I designed and coded weekly HTML emails. I also designed banners, buttons and marketing webpages. Emails were tested for consistency in Gmail, Hotmail, AOL, Yahoo and Outlook.

I liaised with campaign managers to gain feedback on all design work. Heavy direct marketing styling and strict guidelines made Screwfix a good test of my design skills.


I created promotional web pages for the UK website. Each week, I created a newsletter to send to customers outlining offers. Everyone contributed to marketing ideas in think tank meetings.

I edited content in databases and XML files as well as reworking flash banners with intricate animations via actionscript.


I produced web pages for emergency relief projects, normally following template designs. I would edit the content sent in from around the world from country managers.

I created a flash calendar for a scrolling History of Oxfam.

Adgistics produces advertising CMSs for clients such as Heineken, Adidas, Vodafone and Ford. I would reskin the CMS for each client, strictly following their brand guidelines.

Projects included designing Photoshop mock ups for sales proposals, CMS content HTML and CSS updates and hi-res Ford imagery touch ups/cloning/colour weight checks.

I helped build and launch Gartner’s EMEA, Italian and German websites.

I managed the translation of content and ensured the smooth running of all daily web output. I attended daily teleconferences with producers in America.

I trained junior and print staff in XHTML, CSS and Photoshop.

As well as building and designing web pages, I was the guardian of all online image assets, ensuring quality, brand adherence and optimisation.

I worked on graphic design, HTML production, usability and customer experience. I also worked on video production and multimedia cds for internal presentations.

I created Photoshop designs and HTML assets to hand over to the Vignette development team.

I also provided support for catalogue image production, store photography and Vignette content management.

I managed design meetings, liaised with directors, and helped run the design section.